StammTaxi - Taxi service mobile apps

iOS and Android applications served by Symfony2 REST server

StammTaxi is a transportation app which connects taxi drivers with their clients. Using it the drivers are able to create a network of regular customers, and the clients can create a network of trusted drivers. It is available for everyone, free for clients and payed for drivers.

The app is developed for Android and iOS - each supporting the two sides of the service - client and diver side, and a server for storing the database.

screenshot of the ios application
screenshot of the android application


Keeping flexibility in mind we developed a uniform API used by both applications. The following technologies were utilized:

  • LEMP
  • Symfony2
  • RESTful API
  • oAuth 2.0 based authentication

In order to create a beautiful application with up-to date UI, and to run on older mobile OS we used backward compatibility libraries, including full scope testing on different OS versions, screen sizes, resolutions, and phones.

Our in-house designer provided consistent, elegant and usable design for both apps. Each app is made according the user experience set of rules for the parent OS.


ArchitectureREST API
AuthenticationoAuth 2.0
App frameworkSymfony2
iOS applicationSwift
Android applicationJava
Map providerGoogle Maps
PaymentsIn-App Purchase


The result is a lean app which provides a solution for a specific audience, supports a wide range of devices and fits within the business requirements.