From Idea to Release

An independent software development company

Sharp design, Clever works & Quality solutions

VM&Co is an independent digital agency anchored on the coast of Varna, Bulgaria.
We're set to provide sharp design, clever works & quality solutions


VM&Co is a collaboration of experts with vast experience in different areas of the software development. We are united in the idea of providing premium services that get the job done.

We keep the connections personal, the argumentation solid and we are constantly improving. We save you the time, otherwise wasted in various activities which add no value to the projects. We offer you reliable, flexible and powerful solutions.


Experience and expertise have shaped a solid approach to our work. We follow a simple and effective model that assures a streamlined flow of work. Our method is proven to handle the whole process - from idea to release.


Most of us have more than 10 years of professional experience. Our areas of expertise include: web development in all stages, system architecture, graphic design, user experience design, mobile apps, identity, and branding.

Our Team

Diverse personalities united in ideas

  • Ivaylo Badinov
    Senior Developer
  • Julian Atanasov
    Senior Developer
  • Dincho Todorov
    Chief Technology Officer
  • Miroslav Dobrev
    Chief Development Officer
  • Kristiyan Hristov
  • Ivailo Papazov
  • Veselin Mitev
    Business analyst